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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

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Join us in our fight to reform our voting system.

Let's make Britain a fairer place to be.

Vote Liberal Democrat.

Join us in our campaign to give Britain a Democracy that all can be a part of.

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Don't let the Tories take away your vote! Make sure you get voter ID now!

To find out what are acceptable forms of ID go to the Electoral Reform's website page here.

Reform the Upper Chamber.

The House of Lords is broken. The Tories and Labour between them vie to see how many of their cronies they can appoint to it. At over 800, it now has more members than the House of Commons which is the senior chamber and which you get to elect.

You don't have a say in who sits in the House of Lords. Under the Tories all you need to do to have a seat there is stuff a wad of cash in their pockets. Is this fair? Can it be called Democracy?

Parliamentary Reform Blogg:

14/12/2022 - Britain's Electoral Commission has warned that next year's local elections could suffer from problems caused by the delay of rolling out the required legislation for voter ID. It is estimated that up to 3.5 million people do not carry any form of voter ID. The cabinet Office has found that 42% of those who do not carry photo ID are unlikely to apply for the voter card. That means that up to 1.47 million people could be denied the right to vote. It has been estimated that the majority of those would not be Tory voters so it could be seen as an attempt at voter disenfranchisment of part of the non Tory voting electorate. In the elections of 2017 and 2019 only one case of a conviction for electoral voter fraud took place so the introduction of voter ID as a precaution against electoral fraud has to be viewed in that light.. A new Voter Authority Certificate is due to rolled out early next year and will be available from the local authority free of charge.

12/12/2022 - A forecast out today from the New Economics Foundation found that 30 million people in the UK would be priced out of a decent standard of living by the year 2024. This shows that centralising power to Westminster doesn't work as the country is forced to endure the mass incompetence inflicted on the country by 12 years of Tory rule.

09/12/2022 - A leader article in today's Economist called for more power to be given back to the regions and for fiscal control to devolved back to regional and local government. It described how regional performance of our cities outside of London is poor compared to other eqivalent countries such as France and Germany and that they receive a fraction of the finance from taxes that others do.

09/12/2022 - To-days Guardian Newspaper, in a Leader, backs our campaign for the introduction of proportional representation for Parliament if we are to have more democratic politics. They referred to how government in Scotland and Wales has become more democratic and responsive since proprtional representation was introduced into their elections.