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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

Local News

  • Laura Mullin George Taylor and Carrie Hynds campaign for affordable homes
    Article: Jan 6, 2019
    By Caroline Hynds

    A year on from our Lib Dem housing campaign hitting the headlines, it seems a good time to take stock of Brighton & Hove City Council's track record on housing policy through 2018. What's gone well, what's gone badly, and what's the solution?

    What's gone well

    The year seemed to get off to a promising start, with the Tourism, Development and Culture Committee voting on 11 January 2018 to move to open-book policy. This means that if developers say that meeting affordable housing requirements make a scheme financially unviable, they have to now show their working.

  • Bollocks to Brexit Bus side
    Article: Dec 16, 2018

    On Friday afternoon, the Bollocks to Brexit bus pulled up along Brighton seafront. Our local Lib Dem campaigners were there to greet them with flags and banners, and reporters from The Argus turned up to see what all the fuss was about. Read the news report here, with our own Caroline Brown getting her message across extremely well.

  • Beatrice Bass with letter
    Article: Dec 3, 2018
    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats have written to Jeremy Corbyn urging the opposition leader to do his job and hold the government to account on the EU Withdrawal Bill.
    During our final EU stall of 2018, we had three brave volunteers handing out window posters on a cold wet evening whilst the rest of the group set up camp indoors to write to the Labour party leader. Beatrice Bass wrote: "Now is the time to show true leadership by trusting the people of the UK. Don't be May's lapdog. Give power to the people with a People's Vote."
    Parliament is expected to hold its "meaningful vote" on Tuesday 11th December. Brighton & Hove Lib Dems believe that with the Prime Minister struggling to convince the few within her own government, now is the time to stand for the many asking to have the final say.
  • Olly Grender
    Article: Nov 12, 2018
    By Caroline Brown

    Olly Grender was Nick Clegg's deputy director of communications for a year during the coalition with the Conservatives. Before that, she headed up communications under Paddy Ashdown. Recalling her days round the Cabinet table, Olly singled out "the best Lib Dem member, Kenneth Clarke, who was amazing and a joy to behold", while, for all his faults, David Cameron was a good chairman. Her overriding
    impression of working with the Tories was that they were inclined to fly by the seat of their pants.

  • Article: Oct 29, 2018
    By Simone Van Beek

    The Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens are working together, alongside rebels from Labour and the Conservatives, to fight Brexit. Vince Cable pressed Barnier on the need for the EU to make contingency plans for a People's Vote and to protect EU and UK citizens rights in the event of a no deal Brexit.

  • B&H Lib Dems at People's Vote march Oct 20th
    Article: Oct 22, 2018
    By Caroline Brown

    25,000 demonstrated against Brexit in March 2017; 50,000 in September and over 100,000 in June 2018. As the Tory Government manages our exit from the European Union with all the grace of a wounded rhino backing out of a beach hut, 700,000 people from all over the UK descended on London in October to demand a vote on the final Brexit deal that will include an option to remain in the EU. The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, was notably absent and so was our Kemptown MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

  • Pro-EU Demonstration - Lib Dem Conference 2018
    Article: Oct 17, 2018

    Brexit is bad for Britain. Join Liberal Democrats at 12:00 noon this Saturday 20 October near Hyde Park Corner to march for a People's Vote and an Exit from Brexit. Further details on the march can be found here: https://www.libdems.org.uk/20-oct-march

    Travelling from Brighton & Hove, please meet at 9.30am at Brighton train station for a group photo before we set off to London.

  • Hollingbury visual
    Article: Oct 1, 2018

    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats have announced ambitious plans to provide 1,500 new homes on council-owned land currently occupied by Hollingbury Golf Course.

    Local Lib Dem campaigner Beatrice Bass said: "A housing waiting list of 15,111 households and the complete failure of the council's 40% affordable homes policy led us to this radical solution. During our campaign, we've spoken to large numbers of people who are spending over half of their income on rent and many who have been living long-term in temporary accommodation. This is for them. Building homes on council-owned land for those on the waiting list is essential in solving the housing crisis."

    This local solution to the housing crisis complements the party's national policies, in particular the affordable homes policy motion passed at the September 2018 conference. Across England and Wales, the Lib Dems pledge to build at least 50,000 new social homes for rent every year, as part of their long-standing commitment to build 300,000 homes a year over the next decade.

    In the proposed development, the allotments and woodland of Hollingbury Park would be retained, and the new buildings would be eco-friendly, with the possibility of allotments and wildflower gardens to improve biodiversity. Recreational space would be included in the development with community consultation on preferred sport and leisure options. There are two municipal golf courses in the city, and in the 2015-16 season there were only 186 members at Hollingbury, with Waterhall Golf Course just three miles away.

    Brighton & Hove Lib Dems want the proposed Hollingbury development to be community-led and are consulting residents on recreational and leisure space, integration with public transport and services, and the possibility of including space for community housing groups, including housing co-ops and self-build on part of the land. Click here to complete our online survey.

  • Catherne earder MEP, speaking at the SE Regional meeting (Keith Melton)
    Article: Sep 30, 2018

    South East Region Autumn Conference and AGM

    Saturday 17th November 2018, 10am to 4pm

    Spires Academy, Bredlands Lane, Sturry, Canterbury, CT2 0HD

    Confirmed speakers include: Ed Davey MP, Catherine Bearder MEP, Stephen Lloyd MP, Tom Brake MP, Baroness Alison Suttie, Baroness Judith Jolly and Paul Fisher Chair of LDs France.

  • Brighton and Hove Lib Dems at Pride 2017
    Article: Sep 14, 2018

    This weekend sees the Liberal Democrats' Autumn Conference in Brighton. As usual, LGBT+ Lib Dems will be in the thick of events, with a Sunday evening of campaigning and celebration.

    We will have a stall in the Conference Exhibition throughout the weekend - come to see what we're campaigning on, join us or renew your membership, and meet up with other LGBT+ members of the party.

  • Article: Sep 14, 2018

    Liberal Democrat members will debate and vote on the proposals at the party's Autumn Conference in Brighton next week. The party expects these reforms to raise an additional £15 billion per year, though this is likely to grow as the rate of wealth passed down increases in the coming years.

    Proposals include:

  • Green Events Brighton 2018 (GLD)
    Article: Sep 11, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    This Might Be the Greenest Lib Dem Conference Ever

    The Lib Dem autumn 2018 Brighton conference is shaping up to be VERY Green. We have more environmental stuff going on than you can shake a stick at. Will it qualify as the greenest ever? We are not sure, but it is worth taking a look at what is happening. the chart below tells you most of the key fringe meetings that catch the eye.

  • Westbourne Ward Focus Team at Autumn 2016 Conference
    Article: Sep 3, 2018

    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats will be out in force at the autumn federal conference, held right on our doorstep from 15th to 18th September, and we would love to see you there! Here are the top five ways to get involved:

    1. Eve of conference Lib Dem Pint, 7pm Friday 14th September

    This is organised by Lib Dem Newbies UK and will be held at Horatio's on Brighton Pier. Click here for details and advance tickets.

  • Article: Aug 8, 2018

    The odds on a second Brexit referendum before 2020 have shortened to 2.48 after polls showed that, for the first time, a majority of Britons want to vote again on their country's future relationship with the European Union. It is becoming clear that the Government's Chequers 'deal' is not going to work and increasingly the choice is a "hard Brexit" or stay in the EU.

  • Lib Dem conference delegates voting.
    Article: Jul 27, 2018

    Federal Conference Committee met this weekend - unusually at Amnesty HQ in London rather than LDHQ - to set the Agenda for Autumn conference in Brighton.

    If you have not yet registered, please don't forget - conference runs from the 15th to 18th September, and you can sign up at https://www.eventsforce.net/autumnconference2018. Or, if you'd like to take advantage of our new refer-a-friend discounts, see https://www.libdems.org.uk/refer_a_friend

  • Trans Pride Brighton 2017
    Article: Jul 18, 2018

    Trans Pride is a mixture of celebration and campaigning for change until trans rights are fully recognised. We stand in solidarity in calling for these rights, including legal gender recognition for non-binary people, a respectful self-declaration process and an end to the spousal veto.

    On the celebration side, be prepared for a complete outpouring of creativity and community spirit. Take a look at the events below and please give them your support.

  • Pro-EU Groups Outside Brighton Station 2018
    Article: Jun 24, 2018
    By Carrie Hynds

    Thank you to everyone who supported the People's Vote march in London on Saturday!

    A crowd of pro-EU residents from all parties and none met at Brighton station to travel together to the march, including Labour MP Peter Kyle and Green MP Caroline Lucas, reflecting the emerging cross-party consensus of the need for a vote on the final Brexit deal.

  • David Nicholas Wilkinson holding B&H Lib Dems EU leaflet
    Article: Jun 17, 2018

    The Duke of York's Picturehouse is screening "Postcards from the 48%" at 8.30 pm on Monday 9th July. This is a film putting forward the facts and points of view of those who voted Remain in the EU referendum, and we really want to support it being shown in Brighton!

    David Nicholas Wilkinson, the director, will be doing a Q&A session afterwards. As you can see from the photo, he has previously shown support for our local Vote on the Facts campaign. We will ask permission from the cinema to hold up our banner and hand out leaflets ahead of the screening, so please come along from 7.30pm if you're available to help.

  • Colourful houses in Kemptown, Brighton.
    Article: May 14, 2018

    If you are renting in Brighton & Hove (or anywhere else) and you want to know more about what rights and obligations you have as a tenant, visit our new Housing Rights page. Local member Beatrice Bass summarised the basic framework of the landlord and tenant law in England and Wales for you. You will find information on what kind of tenancy agreement you have, what repairs your landlord is obliged to do, how to get your deposit back and other useful tips and links. Visit the page here.

  • Lord Chris Fox
    Article: Apr 4, 2018

    Join us on Tuesday 17th April for our first Lib Dem Business in Brighton & Hove event with Chris Fox - Lib Dem Peer and the party's spokesperson on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

    The event will take place at the Brighthelm Centre, minutes from Brighton station from 5.30pm-8.30pm, with Chris speaking at 6pm.

  • Goldsmid Focus Team - Elizabeth Craig, Andrew England and Orla May
    Article: Mar 30, 2018

    Brighton & Hove is a great city to live in - we want to make it even better, and we want to know the issues that matter most to you.

    Live in Goldsmid ward in Hove? Your local Focus team Elizabeth Craig, Andrew England and Orla May would love to hear your views via their Goldsmid ward survey or please email goldsmid@liberalbrighton.org

  • EU Stall Feb 18
    Article: Mar 5, 2018
    By Beatrice Bass

    It is now over a year since the UK voted to leave the EU and it does not feel like anyone is any wiser as to what Brexit actually entails. We heard numerous different speeches about the UK's road or, more likely, footpath or wonky rope bridge to Brexit whilst our highway to the EU is slowly being taken apart. Phase one of the Brexit negotiations have now concluded and the EU has published its first draft of the EU Withdrawal Agreement. After a year of negotiation, it is good to finally have a draft treaty on paper - even though it is only a first draft. This draft is a good indication of who is holding the cards in these negotiations and what the post Brexit future might look like for the UK. As most people probably will not spend their evenings reading through draft treaties I have summarised the key points in respect to citizens' rights for you.

  • George Taylor and Duncan Moore by The Big Truth Bus (2018) (Jac Kilby)
    Article: Feb 28, 2018

    This Tuesday Brighton & Hove for EU arranged for The Big Truth Bus to visit the city - this bus is currently touring the country in order to spread awareness of the true economic cost of Brexit while lampooning the infamous Vote Leave bus. There were speeches, discussions with members of the public and music by Madeleina Kay (aka EU Supergirl). And, of course, we were there to show support for our fellow pro-EU campaigners and to show that we are committed to fighting Brexit.

  • George Taylor and his election team at the count
    Article: Feb 9, 2018
    Result of the East Brighton by-election:
    Nancy Platt (Labour) 1889
    Edward Wilson (Conservative) 481
    Ed Baker (Green) 316
    George Taylor LibDem 114
    The turnout was 27.33%

    Congratulations to Nancy Platt and Labour for a convincing win that was widely predicted.

    George Taylor fought a convincing campaign where his status as the youngest candidate created a great talking point. Sadly this was not converted into more votes than at the last by-election in the ward.

  • Article: Jan 24, 2018
    By Carrie Hynds, Hove PPC

    On Tuesday evening I joined several inspiring local volunteers who braved a cold, wet, dark January day to run the first monthly Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrat EU street stall.

    It was worth it because there's a very important message to communicate: we can still secure a democratic exit from Brexit. We can show Westminster we want a referendum on the facts.