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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

Local News

  • Article: May 18, 2022

    The Office for national Statistics today announced that inflation is currently running at 9%. A poll by Ipsos found that 1 in 4 people skip meals as a result of the rise in prices and that 44% have changed supermarkets in their quest to seek lower prices.

  • Article: May 17, 2022
    By Vikram Dodd in The Guardian

    The Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael, accused the home secretary of trying to micromanage policing around England and Wales from her office in Whitehall.

    "Priti Patel might think she knows better than the police when it comes to fighting crime, but her abysmal record at the Home Office says different. The fact that so many criminals are getting away with it shows the Conservatives don't have a clue about the problems our communities face.

  • Article: May 14, 2022
    In Bloomberg

    The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak admitted to Bloomberg yesterday that the government's computer system cannot change payments more than once a year. In other words that it is inadequate for a modern welfare society. B & H Lib Dems respectfully suggest to the Chancellor that it might be a good idea to amend the software so that it can.

  • Article: May 12, 2022

    Recent figures show that the NHS waiting lists for routine hospital treatment jumped to 6.36 million in March. B & H Liberal Democrats call for measures to tackle the growing backlog as the health of the nation suffers under the Tories.

  • Article: May 11, 2022

    In Parliament to-day Layla Moran described how online crime in this country costs billions of pounds a year as she called for an Online Crime Agency in the debate on the Queen's speech.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2022
    Priti Patel has proposed sending asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing. B & H liberal Democrats echo the description of politicians who describe the idea as "evil and inhumane". How can a civilised country choose to send such people all the way to an African country for processing.
    According to the Guardian newspaper "Andrew Mitchell, the Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield and a former chief whip, said the new approach was "globally unprecedented" and raised questions around how it would work and how the government would safeguard human rights."
  • Article: Apr 14, 2022

    B & H Liberal Democrats praise the action of Lord David Wolfson in resigning from the government, as he described the government's "repeated rule-breaking and breaches of the criminal law" as the reason he could no longer remain a minister. B & H Liberal Democrats commented that as another Minister resigns the Tory government is increasingly exposed as a bunch of charlatans who knowingly lie to the country in order to cling to power, which they then repeatedly abuse.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2022

    B & H liberal Democrats repeated Ed Davey's call last night for Boris Johnson to show respect to the country and resign from Office as PM, and to also stand down as an MP. His continual lies to Parliament and the country over his flouting of the law relating to Covid lockdowns, shows total contempt for the people in the face of the enormous sacrifices they made as they followed government mandates to remain isolated and not visit sick and dying relatives.

  • Article: Apr 14, 2022
    In The Guardian

    Students are set to be hit with brutal interest rate hikes under the Tory government according to the National Union of Students (NUS). They say the rate is set to increase to 9% from September this year. B & H Liberal Democrats ask how can this be fair? Our future is dependent on them and it is not right to exploit them in this way. Liberal Democrats continue to campaign for reform to the student loan scheme to make it fairer and less damaging to students.

  • Article: Apr 13, 2022
    The idea that the Tories look after those who are reputed to vote for them took a big knock today as it has just been reported by an associate director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (the independent pverty charity) that "Pensioners have seen the value of their State Pensions fall in real terms in eight of the last ten years. It also means that in terms of their values, how much bread and milk you can buy in the shops, it is the biggest fall in value since 1972".
  • Article: Jan 24, 2022

    The Liberal Democrats have declared 'the party is over' for Boris Johnson after their sensational by-election win in North Shropshire tonight.

    By Liberal Democrats, Dec 17, 2021 7:12

    Liberal Democrats won a stunning victory in North Shropshire, taking one of the Conservatives' safest seats.

    Liberal Democrat candidate Helen Morgan received 17,957 votes, representing a swing of 34% from the Conservatives and giving her a majority of 5,925.

  • Madelaine
    Article: May 1, 2021

    Lib Dems' Patcham Candidate criticises Councillor Barnett's comments on homelessness

    In response to Councillor Barnett's comments made to The Argus in the story here: https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/19268576.beggars-putting-people-off-coming-brighton/

    Liberal Democrats' Patcham by-election candidate, Madelaine Hunter-Taylor, has slammed comments made by Councillor Barnett in relation to the homeless issues faced in Brighton & Hove and challenged the council to improve their approach.

  • Madelaine Hunter-Taylor
    Article: Mar 30, 2021

    Brighton & Hove Lib Dems are delighted to announce their candidate for the upcoming council by-election in Patcham. Following a successful Covid-enforced online hustings and selection process, Madelaine Hunter-Taylor was elected as the party's candidate.

    Madelaine, a life-long Lib Dem supporter and proud Brightonian, is particularly passionate about working to raise support and awareness around Domestic violence and abuse. As Director of The Rita Project, she is committed to working in local communities to change the conversation and amplify the voices of those who currently are not heard.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2020


    Liberal Democrats recognise the importance of having a "base" for reasons of health, welfare, quality of life and work. We believe that people should have choice and that there should be a mixture of housing provision available to meet different needs. We also recognise that in a City such as Brighton and Hove there is a shortage of affordable housing and social rented homes. It is therefore a priority for the Council to make every effort to provide those affordable/social rented homes in the City to house the thousands of people who are on the local Housing Waiting List.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2020


    Community, Voluntary and other Groups should be informed about their right to nominate a community facility as an "Asset of Community Value" under the Localism Act. This Facility can be nominated if it "furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community". These "social interests" can include cultural, recreational or sporting interests so this nomination can help ensure that amenities that are useful (or might be useful in the future) have the opportunity to be preserved and hopefully resourced. (Justification: Preserving Heritage; Local Economy; Community Involvement; Health)

  • Article: Oct 30, 2020


    Liberal Democrats support a "mixed economy" for our City in which people have equal opportunities and are able to develop their full potential. The City Plan should help enable this and ensure that people have the tools to succeed in order to ensure that we are a successful City.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2020

    DM 18-32


    Liberal Democrats believe that the principles of planning should include accessibility, community participation, good design and interconnectivity with local services and sustainable transport. Most of all, we believe that the local community and the people of our City should be able to have a say about decision making.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2020

    Accessibility and Affordability are important transport principles. The Service, Maintenance, and general Work requirements of local residents and businesses also require that people are able to get around the City. It is also important for quality of life. These are key considerations when developing the City's transport strategy.

  • Lib Dem spokesperson for Brighton Kemptown, Ben Thomas ()
    Article: Jul 22, 2020

    Brighton & Hove Lib Dems today slammed the local Labour Party for bringing the city of Brighton and Hove into disrepute. Lib Dem spokesperson for Brighton Kemptown, Ben Thomas, said:

    'The disgraceful mismanagement by the Labour Party in Brighton & Hove over recent months has brought shame and embarrassment on the city of Brighton & Hove. The soon-to-be-former Labour led council has missed their own target after target, from refuse and recycling collections to affordable housing targets and beyond. They have consistently failed us.

  • Ben Thomas and Ed Davey
    Article: Jul 8, 2020
    By Greg Foster

    1. You'll get to vote for our new leader

    Until midnight on Thursday (9th July), if you join the Liberal Democrats you'll get a vote in our upcoming leadership election.

    This leadership election will decide our strategy, our messaging, and ultimately our chances of winning. The leader you choose will shape our movement for years to come. You won't want to miss out.

  • Article: Jun 15, 2020

    Brighton and Hove Lib Dems welcome the announcement that the council has now amended its advice to schools to enable them to gradually open to students once again from today. In conjunction with the Lib Dems 5-point plan to reopen schools safely and fairly, Ben Thomas, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Brighton Kemptown, encouraged the council to work constructively and collaboratively with the government and other parties to support schools in this endeavour.

  • Lib Dem spokesperson for Brighton Kemptown, Ben Thomas ()
    Article: Jun 14, 2020

    Ben Thomas, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Brighton Kemptown, was among the protesters marching in Brighton yesterday. He said:

    "It was inspiring to be amongst thousands of people marching in solidarity of Black Lives Matter in Brighton yesterday. Listening to the various speakers was truly moving and we have to make sure we seize upon this moment to deliver real, lasting change.

  • Pepe and Ed
    Article: Jun 14, 2020

    Responding to reports that the Government will ban conversion therapy, but has dropped plans to simplify the gender recognition process, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Hove & Portslade Beatrice Bass, said:

    "It is outrageous that the government is rowing back on their previous commitments to reform the Gender Recognition Act, in Pride Month of all months.

  • EU Flag
    Article: Jun 12, 2020

    Responding to reports the UK Government will tell the EU on Friday it is not going to seek an extension to the Brexit transition period, Brighton & Hove Lib Dems member Caroline Brown, who last month joined with Grassroots for Europe to write to Hilary Benn as chair of the Brexit Committee in the wake of Michael Gove's appearance before them, said:

  • Article: Jun 10, 2020

    Brighton & Hove Lib Dems have written a joint letter in conjunction with Grassroots to Europe, as follows:



    Dear Mr Benn


    The Government's response of 23rd April 2020 to a petition, "Extend the transition; delay the negotiations until after the coronavirus outbreak", included an exchange of letters between you and Mr Gove after he had appeared before your select committee. We appreciate the hard work on this incredibly complex issue that you and your committee have undertaken and we should be grateful if you would kindly follow up on our behalf some of the points raised in that correspondence.