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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

Local News

  • Carrie Hynds, LibDem parliamentary candidate for Hove
    Article: Apr 28, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have committed to ending the scandal of rough sleeping in Britain, as the Homelessness Reduction Bill entered into force Thursday.

    Following a campaign visit to the Hundred Houses Society, a charitable housing association in Cambridge, Tim Farron announced a series of measures the party would put in place to help end rough sleeping.

  • Brighton and Hove LibDem members launch their General Election 2017 campaign
    Article: Apr 27, 2017

    At a crowded and passionate meeting Wednesday Brighton and Hove LibDem members from the Pavilion constituency voted overwhelmingly not to offer a LibDem candidate at the General election and to endorse Caroline Lucas, the current Green Party MP.
    The motion not to stand was supported by a three to one margin of local members present.
    Speaking after the decision Paul Chandler, who was the party's local choice to be candidate, said: "We feel that this is a unique 'Brexit' election and in these special circumstances we have to make this decision. Of course, I respect the counter arguments but I'm very happy that members chose the way they did and so convincingly.
    "We have plenty of differences with the Green Party and this establishes no precedent. We will be fighting as fiercely as ever for LibDem candidates in Hove and Kemptown. But Caroline shares her EU policy 100% with us. There is no difference on that matter.
    "After the Greens' gesture of standing down last year at the by-election in Richmond Park, we have agreed to return the favour.
    "This is the most important election of my lifetime and it will have consequences for decades into the future. It is no time for political tribalism."

  • Article: Apr 22, 2017
    By Stamati Crook

    This Conservative Government is pursuing a reckless policy of a hard exit from the European Union with little thought of the consequences of us leaving the single market and with little consideration for the feelings of the three million Europeans living in the UK or of our one million British people living in the EU. Theresa May seems to have little imagination in resurrecting the Grammar School system which curtails the chances of those who do not get a place in these elite schools. The Conservatives have also lost sight of the interests of British Business by risking our trade relationship with our 27 European neighbours and a callousness in (almost) going back on their election promise of not raisising the rates of National Insurance. This is just the beginning of the damage that the Conservatives can do to our country and our people if they are elected for a further five years.

  • Carrie Hynds
    Article: Apr 21, 2017

    Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats have seen their membership boosted by 16% in the two days since Theresa May called a snap election. Our local party is now nearly five times the size it was at the time of the last General Election in 2015.

    Carrie Hynds, prospective parliamentary candidate for Hove, said:

    "This is fantastic news and I'd like to thank and welcome all of our new members. They will have the opportunity to get involved straight away as there is much to fight for in this election.

    The reality of a hard Brexit would be a disaster for Brighton & Hove. Our two Universities exchange skills and knowledge with other seats of learning throughout the world. Already foreign students are wondering if it is sensible to study in the UK and researchers are anxious about their ability to attract the grants that make their work possible. Our city has a huge hospitality trade; removing the right to stay means hotels and restaurants will be short of staff and short of skills. The Royal Sussex County Hospital is undergoing a massive rebuild and will be the Trauma Centre for the area; it needs the skills of medical staff from all over the world.

    We have got to stop the Tories from damaging Brighton and Hove's prospects for years to come."

    Nationally, the Liberal Democrats have gained 8,000 new members in 48 hours, the fastest rise of new membership in the party's history. President of the Liberal Democrats Sal Brinton said of the increased Lib Dem membership across the country:

    "People are flocking to the Liberal Democrats as we are the only party who are offering effective opposition to this Conservative Brexit government. Theresa May: we have the troops for this fight and they are raring to go. The Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for an open, tolerant, and united Britain."

  • Unite For Europe (www.uniteforeurope.org)
    Article: Mar 16, 2017
    By Stamati Crook

    Theresa May and her Government are rushing us headlong out of Europe. It is time for Liberal Democrats to make a stand and make the case for maintaining the closest possible ties with the European Union and ensuring that the three million European nationals currently living in the UK feel welcome here.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2017
    By Paul Chandler

    The Liberal Democrats have criticised the Conservative government over its plans to raise taxes on the self-employed, as figures reveal that our city will be hard hit by the tax hike.

    The Chancellor broke a Conservative manifesto pledge by proposing to increase National Insurance contributions for the self-employed, hitting them with an average cost of £240 a year.

    Figures from the Office of National Statistics show there are over 25,000 self-employed workers in Brighton and Hove making up nearly 15% of the total workforce.

    The government has also announced cuts to corporation tax are still set to go ahead at a cost to the country of over £2.5 billion a year.

    This will come as a major shock to the thousands of self-employed people in our City already facing a Brexit squeeze to living standards. While this government gives tax cuts to wealthy corporations it imposes tax rises on hard-working entrepreneurs who are the seed bed of future employment in the city.

    Meanwhile companies in the 'gig' economy like Deliveroo who insist their workers remain self-employed, will continue to save money by using workers without giving them the security and benefits of staff jobs.

    LibDems in Parliament and in the country will be opposing these taxes. Tim Farron tweeted: 'Targeting the self-employed, hitting White Van Man with a tax hike betrays Theresa May's pledge to help the just about managing'.

  • Book sale sandwich board
    Article: Mar 8, 2017
    By Orla May

    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats hosted a booksale on Saturday 4th March to celebrate International Women's Day. The sale featured books written by or about inspirational women and was held at the Chapel Royal, North Street, Brighton. More than a hundred books were sold, raising almost £200 for local charity RISE, which does outstanding work to support victims of domestic abuse.

  • Lib Dem Article 50 Petition Team in George Street, Hove.
    Article: Jan 28, 2017
    By Stamati Crook

    Our petitions team today collected more signatures in George Street in Hove for our petition urging our local Brighton and Hove MPs to vote against Article 50. If you support close ties with Europe it is your last chance to sign this petition which you can do electronically at http://www.liberalbrighton.org/eu-petition.

  • Article: Jan 21, 2017
    By Hilary Ellis

    This week Theresa May has come clean that she is determined to take the UK out of the Single Market.

    Make no mistake. The British people did not vote to leave the Single Market, and to do so could be devastating for our economy and our freedoms.

    Inflation is already on the up. The value of the pound has plummeted.

    It has never been more important to continue to make the case for Britain's membership of the Single Market.

    There are four things you can do today to help:

    1. Please
    sign and share our petition 'No Voice - No Article 50'

  • Stephen Lloyd at a Brighton & Hove LD event (30/11/16).
    Article: Dec 2, 2016
    By Orla May

    It was great to see so many faces, old and new, at our Fish and Chip supper with former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd on Wednesday 30 November.

    Stephen narrowly lost his seat at the 2015 general election by just 733 votes and will be contesting the seat again at the next election. Eastbourne will be one of the highest priorities at the next election and we will be working to support Stephen and his team in their fightback. In the meantime, Stephen shared his experience and insights on campaigning, giving much food for thought for our own campaigning in Brighton & Hove. Our campaign team are busy arranging Action Days and other campaign events for the new year - please contact info@liberalbrighton.org if you want to get involved.

  • Tim Farron at Woking SE conference
    Article: Nov 14, 2016

    Woking Lib Dems recently hosted the fantastically successful sell out South East Regional Lib Dem Conference BDB school Woking. Highlights include an inspiring speach from Tim Farron and excellent debate lead by Sal Brinton.

  • Article: Nov 11, 2016

    Fish and Chips

    Be sure to come along to our fish and chips evening... with Stephen Lloyd.

  • Article: Oct 26, 2016

    Volunteers from Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats were delighted to lend a hand at the Whitehawk Inn for a DIY day on Sunday 23rd October.

    The Whitehawk Inn is an excellent community centre run by Brighton Housing Trust. Amongst other things it offers adult eduction & training, careers & money advice, computer access, free Wifi and tea, coffee and snacks in their bright and comfortable café. We'll definitely make a return visit!

  • Page: Oct 19, 2016

    No Voice - No Article 50

    A narrow Leave vote does not give Theresa May a blank cheque to take away the UK's membership of the single market and our rights to live, work, and travel freely in Europe. If the Government won't give us a referendum on the destination of Brexit, we call on our three Brighton and Hove MPs to vote against the triggering of Article 50.

    Please click here to sign our Petition asking our MPs to vote against Article 50.

    The slogan of the Leave campaign in the EU referendum was 'Take back control'. What was not expressed was who exactly was going to gain control as a result of Brexit. As the anti-EU rhetoric was always about Parliamentary sovereignty, maybe we assumed this meant giving control to our elected Parliament. No sooner had the votes been counted than it became clear that hard-line Brexiteers and the new Prime Minister intended this control to be given to a small cabinet committee using the ancient prerogative of the Crown.

    We beg to differ. A case was taken to the High Court asking the judges to rule on whether this procedure is legal. They said NO and indicated that Parliament has to have a say before a process can be instigated that may lead inevitably to a 'hard' exit from the EU and all the risks to which that exposes our economy.

    Parliament must have a vote on the destination of our Brexit negotiations. It may be that this process is one-way only. It affects our country for generations to come.

    What are those who support handing unlimited power to a cabinet subcommittee afraid of? They wanted a democratic vote. Having had one, is that the end of democracy for the time being? Are they worried that the British voters may have changed their minds now they see the complexity of the issues facing us? We need answers to these questions before Article 50 is invoked. Once it is done it may be too late.

    Please click here to sign our Petition asking our MPs to vote against Article 50.

  • Page: Oct 19, 2016

    Housing Campaign: Time to Build Outside the Box

    Tim Farron has declared a "national emergency" in housing, and nowhere is the need to build more visible than in Brighton & Hove.

    The Liberal Democrats are committed to making sure that good-quality affordable housing is delivered in our city. We challenge the assertion that the proposed BHCC-Hyde joint venture is the only means of achieving affordable housing and are extremely concerned that, in the event of an overspend by the joint venture, frontline council services will be hit.

    We propose a four-point plan to offer hope to thousands:

    1. HOMES: 40% affordable housing is a must

    Brighton & Hove City Council must enforce the 40% affordable housing requirement in each new scheme. This is the council's own target but it has become routine for developers to underdeliver. The council extracting money in exchange for missed targets does nothing to provide the affordable homes we so desperately need.

    2. OPENNESS: open, democratic, transparent planning

    In order to build the homes we need, residents need to feel included and passionate about the changes, and this can't happen if decisions are made behind closed doors. The secretive process used by Labour, Conservative and Green councillors for the King Alfred development was a disgrace. With no sign of the promised public consultation, it is time to scrap the scheme and start again with a clear, transparent process. The public have every right to participate in the future of the city and we need a fresh start at King Alfred.

    3. PARTNERSHIPS: working with the right partners to secure the best deal

    The council must be open-minded to working with other partners. The 1,000 homes resulting from the proposed Joint Venture with Hyde falls far short of the 12,000+ needed by 2030 and means staking £53 million of taxpayers' money with, as yet, not a single site identified. Working with other partners in the city must be explored, particularly in situations where the developer would contribute the build if the council contributes the land, so that there are no demands on the general fund or risk to frontline council services.

    4. ECO-HOUSING: environmentally friendly and economical to run

    Ecological housing is good for the environment and good for the people who live in them. It can apply to new-build housing and the refurbishment of existing buildings. The use of insulation, double glazing and efficient heating systems helps to reduce energy bills for households into the future, whilst use of sustainable and recycled building materials, where practical, can help the environment. Building new housing or converting older buildings near public transport and community facilities reduces the need to make as many car journeys, whilst for new developments, public transport links are an absolute must.

    Next steps...


    We have a petition at http://liberalbrighton.org/housing-petition calling for the council to meet their own 40% affordable housing requirements. Please sign and share as widely as possible. Our target is to reach 1,250 signatures, at which point it will be present for debate at the next council meeting.


    If you are interested in joining the campaign group, please contact Carrie Hynds.

  • Progressive Alliance
    Article: Sep 26, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats joined up with Sussex Progressives and Brighton & Hove Compass to put on one of the most well-attended and ground-breaking Fringe events. Norman Lamb MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Peter Kyle MP were in discussion, with Frank le Duc chairing, on the topic of whether centre-left parties can and should form a progressive alliance to fight together on key issues including electoral reform.

  • Tim Farron
    Article: Sep 26, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    The Liberal Democrats held their Autumn Conference in Brighton from 17th to 20th September 2016. It was a brilliant opportunity for Brighton & Hove Lib Dem members to get involved and meet the "big names". Those with conference passes were able to attend the debates and vote on policy motions, whilst many more seized the opportunity to attend training sessions and fringe events. Here are just a few of the highlights.
    Policies Approved at Conference
    Britain in the European Union
    The key topic at Conference was, of course, Brexit. Speakers ranging from Tom Brake MP, Nick Clegg MP and Sir Menzies Campbell took to the floor to argue for retaining the UK's place in Europe, with an excellent summation from Baroness Ludford. Conference voted for:

  • Carrie Hynds
    Article: Sep 21, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    The Liberal Democrats have voted to oppose the return of grammar schools and rescue the ERASMUS scheme at their autumn party conference in Brighton.

    Speaking from the Brighton Centre, where the four-day federal conference is being held, Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrat member Carrie Hynds said:

    "Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour are hopelessly divided. The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit government, as is shown by our votes on key issues at this conference.

    "We have rejected the return of grammar schools, which would be a backwards step towards social segregation and lead to poorer outcomes for the majority of students. It is utterly wrong to determine the future of children at the age of eleven, especially in a way which will leave most of them behind. Our party will always support the right for everyone to have the same chance in life.

    "In addition we unanimously resolved to save the ERASMUS programme, which has helped over 3 million students work and learn across Europe. This is just one example of the impact that Brexit is threatening on the future for young people.

    "Whilst Labour are fighting amongst themselves, the Liberal Democrats are fighting against the government to keep Britain open, tolerant and united."

  • Andrew England
    Article: Aug 5, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    The East Brighton by-election was held on Thursday 4th August, with Labour candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle elected to the council with 57.5% of the votes. Liberal Democrat candidate Andrew England finished fifth with 4.5% of the votes. This was an improvement on the Liberal Democrats' 2% in the October 2012 East Brighton by-election, with the same parties standing and on a very similar turnout.
    Andrew fought a positive campaign focused on supporting the ward's three primary schools, improving parks and community facilities, encouraging young people to get involved in politics, and promoting tolerance with a pro-EU, pro-immigration platform.
    Speaking at Brighton Town Hall after the count, Andrew said: "I'd like to thank everyone who helped with funding, campaigning, leafleting and volunteering their time to support me in this by-election. This is all new to me and whilst I am disappointed in the result, it is encouraging that we are now moving in the right direction. It has been a steep learning curve but I have enjoyed the experience and look forward to future opportunities to make our liberal voice heard in the city."

  • Andrew England
    Article: Jul 8, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    The Liberal Democrats have named Andrew England as their candidate for the East Brighton council by-election being held on Thursday 4th August.

    Andrew is a dedicated and long-serving member of the community. He has taught Chemistry at Roedean School since 1978, becoming head of department in 2006, and was Junior Organiser for Sussex Women's Cricket Association for ten years, where he established the u21, u19, u17, u15, U13 and u11 age group teams. If elected to the council, Andrew will work to ensure excellent standards of education within the ward and will promote tolerance across the city.

    He says of his candidacy: "I am honoured to have been chosen as the candidate to represent the Liberal Democrat Party in the East Brighton by-election. East Brighton has three primary schools rated 'good' by Ofsted: St Mark's, St John the Baptist and Whitehawk City Academy. As a teacher, with two of my children at one of these schools, I want to ensure that all children get a top education. Schools need to be fully supported by the council and funded adequately. Reducing funding when a school improves from 'requires improvement' to 'good' is not the answer. My number one priority would be to see that these three schools gain an Ofsted 'outstanding' rating and become the best three primary schools in the city.

    Brighton and Hove is an international, outward-looking, tolerant, compassionate and cooperative city, and it was no surprise that over two thirds of the population voted 'Remain' in the recent referendum, a view held strongly by the Liberal Democrats. Our stance at the next General Election will be to argue to change minds and to change the decision, aiming to reform the EU from within. There is considerable support for this view evidenced by the fact that the membership of the Liberal Democrat party has increased by over 15,000 since the referendum."

    Frances Lindsay-Hill, who has previously served as a councillor in Brighton, has endorsed Andrew's candidacy. Speaking at a recent Brighton & Hove Lib Dem social event held to welcome new members, she said:

    "Andrew has a deep understanding of our diverse city, its problems and its benefits. He will bring an intelligent and balanced view to the council, contributing some common sense to often ill thought through decisions taken by the other parties."

  • Article: Jun 30, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    Following Friday's referendum result, the Liberal Democrats are seeking a fresh democratic mandate to secure the UK's membership of the European Union. Tim Farron has pledged that our party "will fight the next election on a clear promise to restore Britain's prosperity and role in the world, with the UK in the EU."

    Michael Wilbur, Chair of Brighton & Hove Lib Dems, said:

    "The European Union embodies the liberal values of working together, trade, openness, stewardship of the environment, freedom and mobility, opportunity, internationalism and individual rights.

    We have to acknowledge that 52% of voters supported Leave, though this would clearly be easier to accept if the debate had been a serious one. The Leave vote risks taking away the rights of everyone to live, work, study and retire in Europe. Worse still, it's been seen by some as a declaration of an open season for racist intimidation. This is not our vision of Britain.

    Nationally, Tim Farron has plainly set out the Liberal Democrats' position to recommit the UK to the EU. It is right that we are a clear beacon for a liberal Europe.

    Locally, we were involved in a great, cross-party, positive campaign delivering a 74% turnout and 68.6% vote in favour of EU membership. We were fortunate to work together with Caroline Lucas MP and Peter Kyle MP, who both worked exceptionally hard and made strong and clear arguments for Remain, and a dedicated Britain Stronger in Europe team who drove activity across the city. We are committed to continue to work with other parties to fight for liberal, progressive values in Brighton and Hove.

    Since the referendum, the Liberal Democrats have gained 10,000 new members and our local party has grown by 27%. There is a strong appetite to save our EU membership."

    New members will receive individual welcome emails from either Michael or Dr Elizabeth Craig, our Membership Development Secretary, which will detail ways in which to get actively involved. You can also follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook.

    All members are encouraged to register for the federal party conference in September, which is being held in Brighton. It promises to be a very interesting four days and there is a healthy discount for first-time conference attendees.

  • Article: Jun 5, 2016
    By Michael Wilbur

    To read our report please click this link - Europe is working for Brighton.

    Research conducted by Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats in the run-up to the EU referendum has been published in a report entitled Europe is Working for Brighton and Hove. Using real-life examples, the report details how our local schools and universities benefit from EU funding, how Brightonians benefit from living and working in Europe, and how the EU's ERASMUS programme provides opportunities for University of Sussex and University of Brighton students.The report presents findings from the survey recently conducted by Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats as well as data gathered from Freedom of Information requests.

    Specific examples of how the European Union is directly supporting our city include:

  • Article: Feb 25, 2016
    By Paul Chandler


    It is no surprise to see Thameslink and Southern rail services ranked worst in the country.

    Everyone who travels frequently to and from Brighton & Hove knows that trains are often delayed and will sometimes even terminate early with little warning to passengers. Commuters are subjected to frustrating journey after frustrating journey, effectively seeing their working day extended on both sides.

  • Article: Feb 11, 2016
    By Paul Chandler


    Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats have attacked the decision of local MPs Simon Kirby, Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle not to vote for a proposal that would have given every family the stability and dignity of a decent home.

    The Liberal Democrat motion put forward in the House of Commons on 9th of February stated that "many young people are priced out of the communities in which they grew up due to rising house prices and rents" and called for everyone to have "a decent, affordable home to live in".

  • Article: Jan 25, 2016
    By Paul Chandler

    Lib Dems host a discussion with Andy Winter CEO of BHT

    On 23rd of January 2016, Brighton & Hove Lib Dems held a discussion on housing with Andy Winter from Brighton Housing Trust at Friends' Meeting House, Ship Street. There was a good attendance made up of long-standing members, new members and non-members.