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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

    • Layla Moran
      Article: Apr 18, 2020

      The Liberal Democrats are calling for new measures to improve monitoring of coronavirus in BAME communities and to ensure scrutiny of the Government's recently announced review of the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on BAME groups.

      Citing the need for "swift and decisive action" which "will save lives" Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, the first MP of Palestinian descent, and Munira Wilson, the party's Health spokesperson, are calling for immediate steps to tackle this pressing issue. In a letter to the Health Secretary and Equalities Minister they call for the Government to:

    • Ed Davey
      Article: Apr 15, 2020

      Responding to news that the UK Government is not seeking an extension to the Brexit transition period Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

      "Right now, in their own words, the Government are 'straining every sinew' to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and yet Ministers are still struggling to deliver on their promises on testing and protective equipment.

      "To press ahead with Brexit on the previous timetable - already recklessly fast - is just irresponsible and shows a fundamental disregard for the UK's national interest.

      "The Government must stop putting ideology before all else - including lives - and start working pragmatically with our European neighbours, some of whom the Government could clearly learn lessons from.

      "Surely even hardline Brexiteers want the negotiation process to succeed and to give it the attention it needs - and that just isn't possible during this dangerous and damaging pandemic."

    • Ben Thomas takes on Lloyd Russel Moyle Roedean hustings GE19 (Paul Chandler)
      Article: Apr 15, 2020

      Brighton & Hove Lib Dems are appalled by the reports of Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle being alleged to have shared a link to an unredacted leaked report that is said to divulge confidential details of complainants of antisemitism, including those of minors. Russell-Moyle is also a signatory to a call from the Socialist Campaigns Group for the report to be released in full by the Labour Party.

    • Sir Ed Davey (UK Lib Dems)
      Article: Apr 14, 2020

      Following reports that the government is still collecting VAT on personal protective equipment for care homes, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

      "VAT on PPE should be the same for care homes as for the NHS. Care homes look after some of our society's most vulnerable people and with the pressure of the coronavirus on care homes, the very least Ministers should do is to relieve them of this burden.

      "Throughout this crisis the Liberal Democrats have been clear that staff in the care sector are just as desperate for adequate personal protective equipment as NHS staff.

      "It cannot be right that the Government profits from care homes desperate to protect their staff and those who they look after, let alone leaving some wondering whether they can afford to continue.

      "There are too many workers on the front line looking after seriously ill people without proper protective equipment. Not removing VAT on PPE for care home staff now would be a huge mistake, adding to the government's failure to overhaul its approach to PPE given the crisis our frontline workers are facing."

    • NHS Cuts
      Article: Apr 13, 2020

      Responding to today's government press conference in which it was reported that 13.5% of care homes have had an outbreak of coronavirus, with 92 care homes declaring an outbreak in the past 24 hours alone, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Munira Wilson MP said:

      "Care homes provide a home for some of the most elderly and vulnerable people right across our country. Statistics showing that 13.5% of care homes have faced an outbreak of coronavirus are therefore incredibly worrying.

      "The Liberal Democrats have long been calling for the staff at care homes, along with NHS staff and social care workers, to be provided with adequate personal protective equipment as well as tests to diagnose if they have the virus.

      "These frontline workers are caring for the most vulnerable in our society. It's vital the government acts quickly before we see even more care homes fall into crisis.

      "With so many healthcare workers on the front line working without proper PPE or testing, these outbreaks may appear inevitable. The government needs to act and fast - to protect frontline staff as well as the most vulnerable in our society who they care for."

    • Coronavirus Mental Health
      Article: Apr 7, 2020
      By Liberal Democrats

      Social distancing means millions are now home alone, facing the prospect of only the most minimal contact with another soul for months. This isolation is likely to have a grave impact on their mental health.

      Millions more, without being completely isolated, will still be struggling with the rapid changes the coronavirus has wrought upon our way of life. People's anxiety will be further fueled by concern for the health of loved ones, or stress resulting from the impact of the pandemic on jobs and livelihoods.

    • Munira Wilson
      Article: Mar 10, 2020
      By Munira Wilson

      Making access to support services a right for victims of sexual violence and abuse a right was one of the recommendations of the 2018 APPG on Sexual Violence.

      Yet two years on, and throughout the UK survivors are still being told that they have to be added to shamefully long waiting lists, or that waiting lists are closed. The situation is abhorrent.

    • Hove canvassing GE 2019
      Article: Dec 11, 2019
      By Beatrice Bass

      The choice on the Brexit menu tomorrow is "Let's Get Brexit done" with Boris Johnson, "maybe Brexit, maybe not, for the many not the few, I just need to figure out which is which" with Jeremy Corbyn or "Stop Brexit and build a Brighter Future" with the Liberal Democrats. All three main parties have distinct messages (or at least a distinct lack thereof), which should make voting at this election a very straight forward exercise. However, campaign experience shows that for the average voter absolutely nothing is clear.

    • tech meme GE 2019
      Article: Dec 11, 2019
      By Beatrice Bass

      For three years, Brexit has been dominating the political agenda wasting a disproportionate amount of time, effort and resources. Meanwhile, our NHS and schools are struggling due to chronic underfunding, our economy is flagging with minimal growth and the climate emergency is left to be tackled by school children.

    • Brighton and Hove Lib Dems at Brighton Pride
      Article: Dec 11, 2019
      By Beatrice Bass

      As a Liberal Democrat I feel strongly about equality, diversity and inclusiveness and am proud that my party has a long tradition for fighting for these values and associated rights. By way of example, the Liberal Democrats abolished the horrible section 28 and we introduced equal marriage. We have still a long way to go to achieve equality and it saddens me to see discrimination and prejudice against transgender people.

    • Save Our Music Venues poster
      Article: Oct 16, 2019
      By Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats

      In Brighton and Hove many music venues have shut in the last decade, including the Freebutt, Pressure Point, Blind Tiger Club and Sticky Mike's Frog Bar. These grassroots venues were vital in giving bands such as Blood Red Shoes, the Kooks and British Sea Power early opportunities to tour, as well as sustaining our city's vibrant music scene. Beatrice Bass, our Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Hove and Portslade, used to be a professional musician who started out at local venues before moving onto international tours. She wants to save our music venues and help keep Brighton and Hove a destination for live music.

      The Agent of Change principle in planning law puts an obligation on developers building near live music venues to soundproof new developments, protecting music venues from being shut down from noise complaints ‒ as happened with the Freebutt and Blind Tiger Club. This also applies to other public venues, like pubs or clubs. Thanks to previous campaigns the Agent of Change principle has been added to the National Planning Policy Framework. However many local councils, including Brighton and Hove, haven't fully adopted this and are leaving grassroots venues in danger.

    • Layla Moran
      Article: Oct 4, 2019
      By Layla Moran

      This week, the Office for National Statistics published a shocking set of figures. They show that 726 homeless people died in 2018 - a 22% increase since 2017.

      This is an epidemic that is claiming far too many lives, and the Conservative Government is completely failing to get to grips with it. This is an epidemic that is claiming far too many lives

    • Beatrice Bass
      Article: Sep 18, 2019

      Liberal Democrats have passed the "Music Venues" policy motion at Autumn Conference in Bournemouth.

      The new policy, which was introduced by our very own Beatrice Bass, Parliamentary candidate for Hove and Portslade, will protect music venues from closures through legislative changes, listing them as Assets of Community Value and providing more funding. The Liberal Democrats will be collaborating with existing organisations such as UK Music, the Music Venue Trust and the Arts Council.

      Commenting on this commitment, Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture Secretary Layla Moran said:

      "Liberal Democrats are committed to supporting the creative industries. This is good news for all local areas that have a thriving music scene.

      "Too many venues have been shut down over the years and we know how vital grassroots venues are in nurturing local talent. We will do anything we can to protect existing venues.

      "We will ask local authorities to implement the Agent of Change principle in local planning law, so that landlords and developers have to provide soundproofing to keep developments next to existing venues noise free."

      Beatrice Bass, who submitted the motion to Conference on Monday morning, added:

      "I am absolutely delighted that Lib Dem members passed my policy motion to save our music venues. As a former professional musician I am deeply concerned that over 35% of music venues have been closed in the UK in the last decade.

      "This policy will ensure that existing venues are protected so that young up-and-coming artists have the space and opportunity to develop into the Coldplays, Muses or Adeles of tomorrow. It demonstrates the Lib Dems' commitment to support the creative industries and our diverse music scene in the UK."

    • Jo Swinson
      Article: Sep 18, 2019

      21 years on from my first Liberal Democrat conference, I am thrilled to stand before you today as your leader.

      I'm delighted to see so many old friends who have kept the torch of liberalism burning bright through troubled times.

      And I'm excited to welcome thousands of new members to our cause,

      Flocking to the Liberal Democrats as the clear rallying point for a movement to create an open, fair, inclusive society.

    • Article: Aug 2, 2019

      Jane Dodds and the local Liberal Democrat team just WON the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election!

      And we're all thrilled!

    • Jo Swinson MP
      Article: Jun 30, 2019

      We are so close to stopping Brexit.

      In the three years since we started our calls for a People's Vote on the final deal, your hard work has taken it from a fringe view in British politics to a position that is now advocated by millions of people, and so many more MPs across both sides of the House of Commons.

    • Chuka Umunna (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)] https://pds.blog.parliament.uk/2017/07/21/mp-official-portraits-open-source-images/)
      Article: Jun 14, 2019
      By Chuka Umunna

      I went into politics to put something back into the community I am from and to take our country in a progressive direction. My progressive values lead me to strive to work for a fair and open Britain, which has a strong, mixed market economy, in which everyone can achieve their dreams regardless of their background.

    • Article: May 31, 2019

      So write our local members in the Evening Argus this week.

      Rob Heale wrote:

      The statistics tell the story... the Lib Dems tripled their share of the vote and number of seats here in the South East Region in the European elections. In Brighton & Hove, they secured an excellent 22.2% of the vote and are the second party in the City, probably for the first time in a century. People can now vote for a progressive, forward-thinking party in the knowledge that their vote really does count.

    • Article: May 29, 2019
      By Dan Schmeising

      So as you may have heard - Vince is stepping down. That means a leadership contest has been triggered. Here's how to have your say on the future of our party!

      But who can vote for the next Lib Dem leader?

      The answer is simple - to vote, you need to join the Lib Dems as a member.

      Who's standing to be leader?

    • B&H Lib Dems campaign in Euro elections
      Article: May 29, 2019

      The Liberal Democrats have secured the best ever European Election result in the party's history, returning 16 MEPs nationally and taking second place in vote share.

      Lib Dems and Greens both beat the Brexit Party in Brighton and Hove and Labour came 4th.

      Local election agent Paul Chandler said: "Many thanks to all in the city who voted Lib Dem today. We realise that for some people this is the first time they have voted Lib Dem. Please, don't make it the last!"

      In the South East Region we have returned 3 MEPs on 26% of the vote, finishing in second place. We secured 8% in 2014 and our previous best result was 15.3%.

    • Article: May 10, 2019

      We have a chance on May 23rd to send a very loud message to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

      They're trying to cobble together a deal to get Brexit over the line and we need to tell them that the "will of the people" has changed. A recent YouGov poll showed 61% of people would vote to remain versus May's deal - there is no longer a majority in the country for Brexit!

    • Article: May 9, 2019

      The Liberal Democrats will fight these elections as an unapologetically pro-European Party campaigning hard for People's Vote with an option to remain in the the EU.

      We are determined to give a voice to the millions of people who demand better than Brexit Britain.

      We've announced a strong, diverse mix of candidates, from those who've joined the Liberal Democrats recently to those with long experience of the European Parliament.

    • Ed Davey launches local Brighton & Hove manifesto 2019
      Article: Apr 30, 2019
      On Thursday 2nd May we will have 26 council candidates standing across Brighton & Hove.
      Vote for the Liberal Democrats for 1,500 new homes, improvements to local mental health services and cleaner air in our city. Vote for the Liberal Democrats to support trans rights, our city's vibrant music venues and more cycle lanes. Vote for the Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit, celebrate freedom of movement and embrace diversity.
    • Article: Apr 24, 2019

      Five reasons to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections on 23rd May.

      1. To vote against Brexit

      The Liberal Democrats are the only nation-wide party to have been fighting Brexit since the very beginning.

      We've spent three years campaigning for a People's Vote with an option to remain in the EU.

    • Catherine Bearder (Catherine Bearder)
      Article: Apr 19, 2019
      By Vince Cable

      The Liberal Democrats will fight these elections as an unapologetically pro-European Party campaigning hard for People's Vote with an option to remain in the the EU.

      We will fight these elections on a clear message: a Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit.

      Across the country, the strength of our membership of 100,000 is being deployed to prepare for both the European elections and for council elections. Please vote for our EU candidates in the South East Region on May 23rd: