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Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats

  • Stephen Lloyd at a Brighton & Hove LD event (30/11/16).
    Article: Dec 2, 2016
    By Orla May

    It was great to see so many faces, old and new, at our Fish and Chip supper with former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd on Wednesday 30 November.

    Stephen narrowly lost his seat at the 2015 general election by just 733 votes and will be contesting the seat again at the next election. Eastbourne will be one of the highest priorities at the next election and we will be working to support Stephen and his team in their fightback. In the meantime, Stephen shared his experience and insights on campaigning, giving much food for thought for our own campaigning in Brighton & Hove. Our campaign team are busy arranging Action Days and other campaign events for the new year - please contact info@liberalbrighton.org if you want to get involved.

  • Article: Dec 2, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have won the Richmond Park by-election following a swing of 21.7%.

    Folllowing the victory Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

    "The message is clear: The Liberal Democrats are back and we are carrying the torch for all of those who want a real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government.

    "We are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united, and the only party that has said, loudly and proudly, that we want Britain to remain a member of the Single Market and that we want the people to be given the final say over the Brexit deal. That message has been resoundingly backed by the people of Richmond Park.

    "This was a remarkable, come-from-nowhere upset that will terrify the Conservatives. A year and a half ago, their man won by nearly 40% and had a majority of more than 20,000. In one fell swoop we have wiped that out completely.

    "If this was a General Election, this swing would mean the Conservatives would lose dozens of seats to the Liberal Democrats - and their majority with it. No one believes the Labour Party will win any seats off the Tories - and the SNP could only possibly take one off them. But there are dozens in our reach. So, as this by-election has demonstrated, the only way to prevent a Conservative majority at the next election is to vote Liberal Democrat."

  • Article: Dec 2, 2016

    Speaking at the count following her shock victory in the Richmond Park by-election, newly elected MP Sarah Olney said:

    "Let me start by thanking the other candidates for a hard-fought campaign - and to Zac Goldsmith in particular, I wish you well and assure you that I will continue your fight against the expansion of Heathrow.

    "I also would like to thank the returning officer, the staff that have worked so hard today and yesterday and of course the police. I want to thank my amazing campaign team led by James Lillis and the thousands of volunteers who have taken time to support me over the course of the campaign. I want to thank my family and friends for the wonderful support they've given me - particularly my husband Ben and our children. I want to thank our leader Tim Farron, and all the other party members who could not have been more supportive. And I'd like to thank the Greens, More United, the Women's Equality Party and all the other people beyond the Lib Dems who have supported me in this campaign.

    "A year and a half ago, I wasn't involved in politics. I wasn't a member of a political party. I'd never been involved in a political campaign. I'd never thought about being a politician. But I knew I was a Liberal - I believed in openness, tolerance, compassion, working with our neighbours at home and around the world - and when I saw what happened at the General Election and I felt I had to get involved.

    "I think a lot of people in this community had the same feeling this summer. Richmond Park is full of people like me who felt that something was going wrong. That the politics of anger and division were on the rise. That the liberal, tolerant values we took for granted were under threat. We were seeing the UKIP vision for Britain in the ascendancy - intolerant, backward-looking, divisive; just as we see it in America and across Europe.

    "Well today we have said no. We will defend the Britain we love. We will stand up for the open, tolerant, united Britain that we believe in. The people of Richmond Park and North Kingston have sent a shockwave through this Conservative Brexit Government. And our message is clear: we do not want a 'hard Brexit'; we do not want to be pulled out of the Single Market; and we will not let intolerance, division and fear win."

  • Article: Dec 1, 2016
    By William Powell, Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats on Powys County Council in Eurofile

    Reassuring EU Nationals in the UK - 'not only common decency but also common sense'

    William Powell considers the issue of the many thousands of workers in the UK who had no vote in the Brexit Referendum - but who are living with its consequences

    Quantifying the problem of hate crime

    Over the summer, I received several disturbing reports ranging from school yard taunting of the children of EU nationals about 'returning home' post Brexit right through to criminal damage of commercial premises. In the light of this, I took the opportunity to ask Cllr Barry Thomas, Leader of Powys County Council, a question on reported incidents of hate crime at Full Council last month. Given the need to keep our communities secure, tolerant and welcoming, I asked what specific measures are being promoted within the Powys Public Service Board, to combat intolerance and prejudice, in furtherance of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. This followed a useful meeting that Cllr Thomas and I had with newly elected Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner, Dafydd Llewelyn, at the Royal Welsh Show.

  • Article: Nov 30, 2016

    The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats will tell the House of Lords that it should reject the blank cheque Brexit proposed by the Conservative Government.

    In a speech in London on Wednesday to the 100-strong group of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Willie Rennie will say:

    "The Conservatives are arguing is that we must accept whatever deal is negotiated. Whatever the deal, they will sign it. It's the Blank Cheque Brexit.

  • Catherine Bearder MEP
    Article: Nov 25, 2016

    Today MEPs have voted for tough measures to combat the growing trade in illegal wildlife products which is destroying the planet's ecosystem.

    The report by Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder makes the following recommendations to tackle wildlife trafficking:

    • Minimum prison sentences for wildlife traffickers across the EU by listing wildlife crime as a "serious crime" in accordance with the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC).
  • Article: Nov 23, 2016

    Following Lib Dem pressure to help renters afford a home and reduce upfront costs, the Government has announced a ban on letting fees for tenants in the Autumn Statement.


    Liberal Democrat Peer Olly Grender has been promoting the campaign and is the author of the Renters' Rights Bill, which was debated just five days ago in Parliament.

  • Article: Nov 23, 2016

    This is a Government that is just about managing. The official figures have revealed a £220 billion Brexit black hole- hundreds of billions taken out our economy when we need it most. Given how bad the outlook is, it's no wonder the Chancellor doesn't want to have to do another Autumn Statement.

  • Article: Nov 21, 2016

    Our Demands for the Autumn Statement

    This Autumn Statement comes at a time when our economy is in turmoil, our public services are in crisis and people and businesses are struggling to keep afloat.

    Liberal Democrats want to see a statement that seeks to provide confidence and reassurance- to our health services, to workers and to businesses. The Government needs to show it will support these vital institutions, not leave them high and dry in its drive for a hard Brexit.

    Our key demands for the Autumn Statement are:

  • Nick Clegg MP
    Article: Nov 17, 2016

    Nick Clegg explores possible approaches that the Government could take towards EU negotiations.

    A powerful and consistent precedent has been set by successive UK governments whereby they lay out an approach to Parliament in advance of EU treaty negotiations. This is an overview of the White Papers and motions published in advance of EU Intergovernmental Conferences (IGCs), which are the forums used to discuss and agree EU treaty changes.

  • Article: Nov 15, 2016
    By Alan Bullion

    The UK food and drinks sector is becoming increasingly preoccupied with potential labour shortages, currency fluctuations, price spikes, and supply chain setbacks, as the possible pitfalls from Brexit loom large on the horizon.

    A London seminar organised by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) on 'Exiting the EU' heard that most member organisations were concerned over the lack of clarity in government policy, although several others were looking positively and optimistically at fresh opportunities for world trade beyond the EU.

  • Sarah Olney
    Article: Nov 14, 2016
    By Mary Reid in Liberal Democrat Voice

    James Lillis, the Campaign Manager in Richmond Park, must have woken up with a sense of dread yesterday morning - it was raining, heavily. His challenge to the party was to get 1000 people along to the biggest Action Weekend ever.

    But Liberal Democrats arrived, and kept on arriving.


    Dogs and babies joined in.


    There were ponchos (modelled by our wonderful candidate, Sarah Olney, and Chris Lovell) …


    … and cake.


    They put up stakeboards.


    They delivered leaflets and canvassed.


    By the end of Saturday James was on course to reach that target. No wonder he was still looking chirpy.


    Celebrations followed at #LibDemPint in Richmond, with Tim Farron, Mark Pack, new member Jay Dias (one to watch …) and, of course, Sarah Olney.

    But the weekend isn't over and we haven't got to the magic 1000 yet.

    So make James, Sarah and Richmond Park Lib Dems smile again today by joining them. Just turn up at either of the two HQs between 10am and 9pm.

    110 Canbury Park Road, London, KT2 6JZ (closest station, Kingston)

    65a Sheen Lane, Mortlake, SW14 8AD (closest station, Mortlake)

    If you can't make it this weekend, then the HQs are open every day until polling day between 10am and 9pm.

    * Mary Reid is the Monday Editor on Lib Dem Voice.

  • Ross-Pepper-with-Sal-Brinton-on-being selected
    Article: Nov 12, 2016
    In Liberal Democrat Voice

    Ross Pepper has been selected by the Liberal Democrats to contest the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election, triggered by Conservative MP Stephen Phillips quitting in protest at the government's European policy.

    Top marks to Ross for the name of his blog: A Pinch of Pepper

  • Article: Nov 11, 2016

    This morning, I set out a red line on Article 50 and made clear that unless the government agrees to a referendum on the final Brexit deal, the party will vote against Article 50 in the House of Commons.

    It's becoming increasingly clear that millions of people, like former Conservative MP Stephen Phillips, are deeply worried by the government's handling of Brexit.

  • Article: Nov 11, 2016

    Fish and Chips

    Be sure to come along to our fish and chips evening... with Stephen Lloyd.

  • Sarah Olney
    Article: Nov 11, 2016
    By David Frearson

    From Jonathan Oates at Lib Dems HQ in Richmond Park.

    We could be on the cusp of doing something really spectacular in the Richmond Park by-election. Sarah Olney is an absolutely brilliant candidate but she needs your help.

    Conservatives are coming over to us on the doorstep in very significant numbers but we need more people to go out and knock on doors and deliver leaflets so we can reach the whole constituency.

  • Article: Nov 8, 2016

    Paddy Ashdown today slammed Theresa May's hardline stance on immigration and her "shambolic" trip to India, as he accompanied the party's Richmond Park and North Kingston by-election candidate Sarah Olney to a curry restaurant in the constituency.

    The pair spoke with the owner and head chef of the Roz Ana restaurant in Kingston about its problems recruiting chefs from abroad and the impact of Brexit on rising food prices.

  • Article: Nov 4, 2016

    Commenting on the resignation of Sleaford and North Hykeham MP, Stephen Phillips, Liberal Democrat Party President Sal Brinton said:

    "Stephen Phillips has said he has irreconcilable policy differences with the government; child refugees, keeping the UK in the Single Market and the Government's reaction to the Brexit court case to name but three."

  • Article: Oct 26, 2016

    Volunteers from Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats were delighted to lend a hand at the Whitehawk Inn for a DIY day on Sunday 23rd October.

    The Whitehawk Inn is an excellent community centre run by Brighton Housing Trust. Amongst other things it offers adult eduction & training, careers & money advice, computer access, free Wifi and tea, coffee and snacks in their bright and comfortable café. We'll definitely make a return visit!